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A message from the Milo Artlab crew!

laboratory crew


Artist Supporting Crew

Art lab without challenges
(Art Co-education Laboratory)

​I decide and make it myself

In our lab, we stop letting the big guys think and decide and let the little guys do it. There is no so-called “task” or “curriculum”.

The little Sozobits talk to themselves, decide what they want to do, and work on it as their own project. You choose the "material" that expresses what you decide to do, think about "what you want to do", decide for yourself how to express it, and try it out.

It is not easy to find your own answer that wells up inside of you. People who go to the lab experience the approach of Miro Art Lab, which always lets go of short-sightedness, move their hearts, think with their heads, move their hands, and reveal something to the world = art environment. You will have to put yourself down.

Every person constantly suffers from repeated introspection. It's rare that you get it right the first time, and you'll encounter several "methods that don't work (unlike what you expected)."

I think it will be difficult and not easy. But everyone says

"It's boring when an adult tells you to do this or not.
It's really hard to figure out what you want to do, but it's fun."

I respect people who say that and move their hands from the bottom of my heart.

Occasionally, art fairs and events are created out of big projects where people get together. Little people always take the lead in all their activities.


there is no teacher
Accompany each ​ creative voyage
There is a creative co-educator = crew.

Creativity to create, appreciation to see,
We support the growth of the aesthetic eye to choose.

Creative activity is a process of action. There may be something that leads to expression ahead of that act.


Crew is a big person = creative co-educator who accompanies you on the voyage of creation and accompanies you on the route to realize "I want to do it this way".


In our lab, we stop trying to "teach" the one correct answer (what we believe to be the correct answer) that adults have to small people, and listen to their inner radiance, accept their expressions, I have consistently placed great importance on asking questions and engaging in dialogue.

Miro Art Lab's unique "listen, see, and receive" approach will help you develop your creativity, your ability to appreciate works, and your aesthetic sense.

From the question "What do you want to do?"
everything begins

​ Opens the power of liberal arts with an original approach that believes in dialogue and waits and supports in appreciation, observation, and creative activities.

At our lab, we place as much importance on viewing and interacting as we do on creating. At the end of the session, you will be able to view and interact with someone's work.

At Miro Art Lab, we believe that art drawing and craft activities are not for the purpose of producing good paintings or nurturing artists. I think that they are there to have the sensitivity of "the power of liberal arts" to acquire the eyes that look at the world with one's own sensibility, think and grow.

We will help people to develop their creativity, let their sensibilities fully resonate with each other, nurture a love of art, and deepen their understanding of art culture.


Move your heart, think with your head, and create with your own hands

Encounter with [self full of power]

It is a space that resonates with the colors of sensibility.

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