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Sat, Jun 22


art pARTy tokyo / アートパーティートーキョー

Headdress Workshop with Vivian Sato/ヘッドドレスワークショップ~ヴィヴィアン佐藤さんを迎えて

Let's make headdresses with Vivienne Sato, artist, non-architect, fine artist, film critic, illustrator, writer, grounded terrain researcher, and parade around Azabudai Hills! アーティスト、非建築家、美術家、映画批評家、イラストレーター、文筆家、擂り鉢地形研究、のヴィヴィアン佐藤さんとヘッドドレスをつくって、麻布台ヒルズをパレードしましょう!

Headdress Workshop with Vivian Sato/ヘッドドレスワークショップ~ヴィヴィアン佐藤さんを迎えて
Headdress Workshop with Vivian Sato/ヘッドドレスワークショップ~ヴィヴィアン佐藤さんを迎えて

Time & Location

Jun 22, 2024, 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM

art pARTy tokyo / アートパーティートーキョー, 日本、〒106-0041 東京都港区麻布台1丁目9−12 飯倉台ビル 4F


About the event



The headdress workshop, which was held at events in Minato Ward and at art pARTy tokyo's affiliated facility, Miro Art Lab Motoazabu, before the Corona disaster, is back by request!

Makeup and headdresses, which Vivienne Sato calls “an act of regaining lost instincts” and “an antenna to catch things we normally don't see or feel.

The act of making and dressing up headdresses while introspecting oneself is an act of becoming more and more naked, and when one passes through this act, the skin is turned inside out and even the internal organs are exposed. Vivi says that the act of dressing up or dressing down, rather than transforming, is at the root of the act of making up or dressing up.

Through the process of making a headdress, you can feel yourself naked and experience your skin being turned inside out.   This time, you will wear your own headdress in a parade through Azabudai Hills. This is an experiment in landscape theater, where the scenery you see while being seen, and the sensation of walking while being aware that you are being seen, are set up as a stage around your everyday life.

We look forward to sharing a wonderful time of artistic and creative stimulation, navigated and experienced by Vivienne Sato!

About Vivian Sato


【Date】: Saturday, June 22

【Venue】: art pARTy tokyo

1-9-12-4F Azabudai, Minato-ku, Tokyo

【Workshop type and time】:

◎Regular size headdress workshop 10:00-16:30

◎Mini size headdress workshop 12:00-16:30

◎Kids' Headdress Workshop 14:00-16:30

◎Parade and Photo Shooting 16:30-17:00

(The event will end at Kamiyacho Station)

【Participation Fee】

◎Regular size headdress workshop ¥13,200- (¥1,200- tax included)

◎Mini size headdress workshop ¥10,450- (tax ¥950-)

◎Kids' Headdress Workshop ¥7,150- (tax 650-)

All materials are included.

【about materials】

If you have materials that you are particular about, please feel free to bring them. 

You can freely combine them with the materials provided by Vivienne Sato to create your own unique work of art!

【maximum allowed】

6 persons per type

Total 18 persons

The number of participants is subject to adjustment.

【aimed for】

Those who can sew by themselves with scissors and needle.

Kids' workshop is for school-aged children who meet the same requirements.

【Cancellation Policy】

No cancellations will be accepted. Tickets are transferable. In the event of an unavoidable absence, tickets can be given to a friend.

【In case of rain】

In case of light rain, the parade will be held. In case of heavy rain, the parade will be held inside the venue.

【For those coming by car or bicycle】

There are no bicycle or car parking spaces at this facility. Please use a nearby parking lot.

【Contact information on the day of the event】




ヴィヴィアン佐藤さんが「失われた本能を取り戻す行為」「普段見えないもの、感じないことをキャッチできるアンテナ」だと言うお化粧やヘッドドレス。  自分を内省しながらヘッドドレスをつくり着飾る行為は、どんどん裸になる行為で、それを通り越すと皮膚が裏返しになって内臓まで出てしまう。変身ではなく戻ることがお化粧することや着飾るという行為の根本にあるのだとヴィヴィさんは言います。

ヘッドドレスつくりを通じて、裸のご自身を感じ、皮膚がひっくり返る体験をご一緒しませんか。   今回はご自身のヘッドドレスをかぶって、麻布台ヒルズをパレードします。 見られながら見る景色や、見られていると意識しながら歩く感覚を味わう時間は、日常のまわりに舞台を立ち上げていくランドスケープシアターの実験です。










◎キッズのヘッドドレスワークショップ 14:00-16:30

パレードとフォトシューティング 16:30-17:00







◎ミニサイズのヘッドドレスワークショップ ¥10,450-(税950-)

◎キッズのヘッドドレスワークショップ ¥7,150-(税650-)


















  • Normal size 通常サイズWS10:00-16:30

    Tax: +¥1,200 消費税tax+¥330 service fee
  • Mini size ミニサイズWS 12:00-16:30

    Tax: +¥950 消費税tax+¥261 service fee
  • For Kids キッズWS 14:00-16:30

    Tax: +¥650 消費税tax+¥179 service fee



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